Screen printing process

Learn the Basics of Screen Printing and How to Get Started

Screen printing can be a great advertising tool for businesses, and not just for T-shirts. For industrial or commercial use, screen printing can be used for indoor and outdoor signs to boost visibility and draw in more potential customers. Below, we’ve outlined the basics of screen printing, the process, other forms of printing, and where you can find screen printing services in Denver.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of transferring an image onto a surface using a screen. The screen can be made of stainless steel, nylon, or polyester mesh. The screen is then transferred onto metal, plastic, or ceramic surfaces. Many businesses choose to use screen printing for their signs as an advertising strategy and to increase visibility.

Screen Printing vs. Other Methods

Is screen printing the right choice for you? Let’s look at some other printing methods typically used, so you can compare.

  • Screen printing processDigital printing is taking a digital image and transferring it to other materials and mediums.
  • Offset printing is a printing method in commercial printing where the image on the printing plate is pressed onto a rubber cylinder and then transferred onto another material.
  • Heat press printing uses a machine to transfer a design using heat and pressure.

How Screen Printing Works

Here, we’re going to outline the process of screen printing. Your idea is the first thing you’ll need to start with in screen printing. Once you have your idea, the team you’re working with can create a mock-up design. After you have approved the design, the image of your design will be first covered with a layer of emulsion and then burned onto a screen. The emulsion will then be exposed to light for the emulsion to harden so that the stencil can be created. Next, the material is prepared for printing on a board, and the screen will be lowered down to the print, with ink distributed across the screen. After this is finished, it is put under a dryer to maintain its color and quality.

Screen Printing Designs: What You Can and Cannot Print

Screen printing processWhat types of designs can be printed with a screen printer? One of the benefits of screen printing is that you can use materials of any size or thickness for your design. However, there are some designs that cannot be used for screen printing, such as gradients or translucent elements. Additionally, a scan of an image or a low-resolution file will not be able to be screen-printed. You’ll want to check that your image is high quality and that your text is readable before submitting your design.

How Much Does Screen Printing Cost?

Another important detail to note is the cost of screen printing. Screen printing can be a cost-effective alternative to other forms of printing. Some factors that are considered in the cost are:

  • The size of your print
  • The number of locations
  • The number of colors used
  • The ink coverage amount

The cost of screen printing designs on your products is very moderate, considering how durable the imprint is and the quality of the finished product.

How To Get the Best Results From Your Screen Printing Project

Screen printing processIf you are looking to boost your business’s visibility with indoor or outdoor signs, consider a Denver screen printing company like Artcraft Sign Company. We have been in the Denver area for more than 140 years and are committed to providing the best service possible for your company’s needs. To get a free quote from one of our sign experts, get in touch with us now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sign on a wall for a handicapped toilet and baby change room with braille signage

How Do Blind People Find Braille Signs in Buildings?

Tactile braille signage allows people with vision impairments to identify each room in the building and better navigate their way through the space. But how do blind people find braille signs in the first place? These innovative individuals employ many smart navigation techniques to best explore the world around them. Their ability to find the braille signs is not at all by chance. Instead, they use any or all of the following tactics to locate the signs in every building they visit.

They Have Essential Aides to Guide Them

So, how do blind people find braille signs in the buildings they visit? Well, for starters, they bring along essential aides to use as a guide. With those aides in hand, people with vision impairments can navigate through unknown spaces and quickly gain their bearings. Their aides help them locate the braille signs as well, which then tell them more about the building layout as they navigate to their target destination.

Common Aides Used

Common essential aides for vision-impaired individuals include:

  • Blind man using a crane and a dog to guide him in a building Probing Cane: Also known as a long cane, a probing cane helps blind people find and avoid obstacles in their path, including curbs, doorways, and walls.  
  • Guide Dog: A guide dog provides even more info about the surrounding area by leading their person around obstacles and letting them know when there are curbs, steps, and the like.
  • Phone with GPS: A phone with GPS assists with navigation by audibly providing turn-by-turn directions from the starting location to the indicated destination.

The types of essential aides used largely come down to personal preference. What works for one person may not work well for another. Plus, not all venues are set up to work equally well with each aide. So, it’s important to have many options available at all times.

By Asking Beforehand

Blind woman asking an information with the receptionist If there’s a receptionist, concierge desk, or greeter near the front doors, visually impaired people will often just ask where to find braille signs in the building. With a quick inquiry, they can learn tons of important information about their approach to sign placement.

Blind people may learn to look for the ADA tactile signs at about shoulder height on the right side of the doorways, for example, allowing them to quickly check for signs along their route. They’ll also often end up with directions on how to navigate through the building to their target destination.

Installing Braille Signs Have Standards

Braille signs have to abide by all the right fabrication and placement standards to truly comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The writing on the signs must be 1/32 inches thick and 5/8 to 2 inches tall plus have grade 2 braille imprinted nearby.

Tactile braille signage on a buildingWhen it comes to how blind people find braille signs, the mounting location is everything. For that reason, the ADA requires that the signs sit on the latch side of the door. They need to be about two inches from the door and around 60 inches from the floor. You can also place them near an adjacent wall if there’s not sufficient space near the door.  

By following all the standards, you no longer have to wonder if blind people find the braille signs in your building. You’ll just know that you’ve done all you could to create a truly accessible space for all your guests.

Accurate Custom Braille Signs

Now that you know just how blind people find braille signs, you can put yours up with purpose. Start by having our team at Artcraft Sign Company create your ADA tactile signage to standard.  

With our help, you can ensure your signs comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have over 140 years of experience designing and fabricating signage using the latest technology. On top of that, our grade 2 braille translation abilities ensure that you’ll always get accurate messaging on all your signs.

Installation of car wrap

What Are Car Wraps?

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your business is a tool that you (under)utilize every day: your vehicle! With a custom vehicle wrap that is branded for your business, you are confidently proclaiming to potential customers that you are ready and willing to meet their needs. Sure, you can add a small logo, your phone number, and social media on a back window, but that’s not very eye-catching. What are vehicle wraps? 

A full vehicle wrap can be brightly colored and include a variety of design elements to draw eyes in traffic and when your business car, truck, or van is parked. There are a variety of sizes and options of custom vehicle wraps, which makes working with a trusted partner a great first step when you’re exploring your options.

Car Wrapping: What Is It?

A custom vehicle wrap is exactly what it sounds like: adding a removable, semi-permanent layer of color, style, and textures to your vehicle. While wraps are available to recolor your entire vehicle from a consumer standpoint, business owners may choose either a full-body or smaller space to promote your brand. 

What Are the Different Types of Car Wrapping?

Man applying a vehicle wrap Have you ever tried to apply cling wrap to an oddly-shaped bowl and struggled with lumps and bumps that you simply couldn’t smooth out? Imagine trying to wrap a vehicle in a material that’s highly adhesive and only slightly thicker! The difficulty level involved with wrapping your vehicle is why most people turn to professionals for advice on how to proceed as well as the application of the wrap. 

Materials traditionally used to wrap vehicles include clear vinyl, colored wrapping, textured wraps and custom advertising wraps. 

Clear Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Adding clear vinyl wraps to your vehicle is a great way to preserve custom paintwork. The vinyl helps ensure that the colors stay true to their natural tones and are very vibrant — even more so than a clear coat of paint. Clear vinyl also maintains the traditional finish to your vehicle and is more of a protective measure than a decorative one.

Coloured Wraps

Car wrapping specialist installing a colored car wrap to the vehicleWant to up the ante on your vehicle’s look? A colored wrap is a great way to change the color of your vehicle without the heavy investment involved in sanding and repainting to get a perfect finish. Colored wraps can be applied to your full vehicle or only to a portion of the car, truck, SUV, or van to create a custom look.

Textured Wraps

Textured wraps are a fun way to provide a different finish to your vehicle, and are available in a variety of colors. Adding a custom textured wrap in a matte finish can dramatically change the look of your vehicle, offering a more futuristic design that appeals to many high-end car owners.

Custom and Advertising Wraps

Car wrapping specialist applying a customize advertising wrap to the carMost exciting for business owners is the ability to create a custom wrap that advertises their business. Even when you’re simply tooling around town, your potential customers are seeing your brand. This is particularly important for businesses that have a fair amount of competition and need a way to differentiate from their competitors. An advertising wrap works 24/7 for your business, even outside of traditional working hours!

Getting Started With Custom Vehicle Wraps in Denver

It’s easy to see why companies love using custom vehicle wraps. When you’re wondering: What are vehicle wraps, and will they work for me? Come see the professionals at Artcraft Sign Company and let’s talk through the options that are right for you! From ensuring your logo looks fantastic from every angle to creating a long-lasting custom auto wrap, we are fully dedicated to helping you promote your brand. 

A series of flammable, non-flammable, toxic, corrosive and oxidizing gas and chemical safety symbols metal tags.

What are Metal Equipment Tags Used for?

Labels are not as durable as metal equipment tags. These tags are attached to machinery to mark and showcase important information. Such information includes safety standards to consider while using the machinery, asset tags for easy identification, and descriptions to indicate faulty equipment meant for repairs.

metal tags with no smoking sign warning.Metal Product and Equipment Tags

Metal equipment tags are exceptionally durable and favorable for labeling metal products. Whether these products are meant for indoor or outdoor use, equipment tags provide long-lasting label options that remain legible and maintain high quality over time. With such impressive quality, your label retains permanent readability to easily view information on your metal products.

What Are Metal Tags Used for?

Metal tags have many uses in an industrial setting. The manufacturing industry utilizes metal equipment tags to identify machinery quickly. These tags are available with pre-drilled holes to effortlessly mount them onto equipment where necessary.

Industrial photo of Diesel oi; tank with metal tag label on itChemical and Industrial

Due to their extraordinary durability and resistance to chemicals such as abrasives, metal tags are the go-to labeling option for equipment in factories and industries. They can withstand the harshest conditions and last up to the longevity period of the equipment.


Vehicle customize plate IdentificationMetal tags are used for various applications in the transportation industry, including vehicle identification plates, safety instruction plates, and manufacturing nameplates. You can also easily attach metal tags to vehicles, depending on your preferred attachment style, effectively labeling your vehicle with labels that have long-lasting legibility.

Types of Metal Equipment Tags

You can customize metal equipment tags to suit your business’s needs with several options available. Let’s explore the four basic types of metal tags:

  • blank aluminum metal tagScreen-printed metal tags are highly effective when you want to communicate information without hassle. This tag is your go-to option if you’re going to add color to the metal tag.
  • Anodized aluminum tags have remarkable resistance in abrasive chemical environments and can last more than 20 years. You can directly add them to your machinery with an adhesive or drill mounting holes for a more secure attachment.
  • Stainless steel tags have the tag information etched in the stainless steel material. Inscribing the details makes them scratch-proof and resistant to harsh conditions.
  • Brass tags possess high durability, particularly in marine elements, including saltwater. They have a good appearance and are perfect for tagging assets transported via the ocean.

Additional Options to Consider With Metal Tags

While we have basic types of metal equipment tags, there are other options to consider when choosing which tag to use. These conditions include:

  • Attachment types, such as drilled holes for mounting or pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • The corners of the metal tags
  • The thickness, which has a range of dimensions, including 0.003″, 0.005″, 0.008″, 0.012″, 0.020″, 0.032″ and 0.63″
  • Teflon coating to form a protective layer over the tag and increase its longevity.

Benefits of Metal Equipment Tags

For tagging equipment in areas where using abrasives is a norm, durability and functionality are key attributes you should look for in a tag. Using metal equipment tags enables you to enjoy such advantages including:

CustomizationMetal tags in different shapes

You can choose custom metal equipment tags based on shapes, sizes, colors, and lettering. Depending on the purpose of the metal tag, you can personalize them to fit your working environment.


Durability plays an essential role in the quality of tags as substandard materials require frequent maintenance. Equipment tags provide years of durability that last as long as or even longer than your metal products.

factory machines with metal tags label on itPermanence

For permanently labeling equipment, metal tags serve as the best solution to mark several types of machinery. These tags provide permanence and durability required for vehicles exposed to hot and cold weather conditions.

Customize Metal Equipment Tags

With the plethora of options and benefits from utilizing metal equipment tags, you can efficiently label your machinery and communicate information effectively. You can also customize them to fit your business’s needs perfectly. Artcraft Sign Company provides outdoor signs to help your target audience interact better with your business.

Decals custom business signage

What Are Decals?

Are you wondering what are decals? If you’ve decided to upgrade signage or marketing materials for your business, you may wonder if installing decals is a better choice than other types of displays. Decals are adaptable, affordable, and easily applied in a wide range of uses. If you’re looking for new ways to get your company’s name and logo out there for increased visibility, the benefits of using decals may just sway you over to their installation.

Understanding Decals

Decal sticker on a fuel tankThe term decal refers to any decoration added to another surface with some type of transfer or adhesive layer. This includes cut vinyl materials overlaid onto buildings or vehicles, stickers applied to surfaces, screen-printed and transferred labels, and much more. 

For signage purposes, decals are usually made of vinyl or other printed materials. They’re used for everything from identifying vehicles, such as the letter on the side of police cars, to advertising business both onsite and elsewhere. Some are solely for decorative or personal use, but many serve essential purposes. Businesses can put them to hundreds of uses, both directly inside the retail or office environment and by distributing them to customers and clients.

Benefits of Using Decals

Custom decal printing allows any business to unlock the full benefits of these useful tools. Vinyl stickers or printed designs are easily handed out as promotional items for customers or business partners. They’re affordable enough to use everywhere, putting an end to unlabeled or unidentified equipment, vehicles, and more. 

Easy to apply and often easy to remove when necessary, decals truly offer a wide range of benefits. Explore more potential benefits for decals to decide if they’re right for your project.

Decals Are Durable

Decal outdoor business signageDespite often only requiring a peel-and-stick process for application, many decals can last years even when exposed to the elements. Vinyl materials in particular are known for looking great with minimal maintenance. The problems that affect other signage and label materials often have little effect on the materials used for decal printing. 

Most products designed for outdoor use can guarantee no fading, peeling, or cracking for at least five years of use. That’s enough for even demanding government and public service projects that won’t see much service or maintenance over the years, such as public parks or monument facilities.


Full-color printing, bold vinyl materials with patterns or surface effects, and specialty cutting all allow decals to shine. Artistic expression is easy with a printed sticker that shows off the company’s full name and logo in crisp detail. Of course, this means you’ll have to find high-quality custom decal printing for good results. Using the right materials for the decal depending on where it’ll be displayed also determines how attractive it remains over time. 

As mentioned above, many printing options allow for fade resistance that’s still looking good five years or longer after installation. Don’t settle for outdated-looking graphics when decals instantly update the look of any space, indoors or out.

High Resistance

Decals taxi custom signage For more demanding installations where weather conditions or exposure make signage a challenge, there are decal materials that can last. Some products have extended lifespans of up to 10 years with only minimal color loss and peeling. If sea spray, heat, or even vandalism is a problem, there are vinyl and other backing material options to prevent damage. 

Enjoy decals that last even in the toughest environments by working with a skilled custom printer.

Quality Decal Printing in Denver

Now that you know a little bit more about exactly what are decals, you’re ready to put them to good use around your business. Update your hours, post new information for customers, or just hand out some high-quality vinyl decals as free advertisement. ArtCraft Signs offers top-quality decal printing services in Denver to suit all of your needs.

Imported Craft Beer Outdoor Signage

5 Tips for Buying The Best Outdoor Business Sign

In today’s competitive market, your business needs to display the best outdoor business sign possible if you want to bring in a steady stream of customers. Your signs should simultaneously attract attention and communicate your message to your target audience. Since these outdoor signs are an investment, it is wise to spend some time learning about the sign-making business to ensure you don’t end up buying a low-quality sign that will not survive the elements.

Why Does Your Outdoor Business Sign Matter?

Self Storage Outdoor Signage installationAs a business owner, you make a number of crucial decisions — where to locate your business, who to hire, and how to advertise your establishment. Selecting a quality outdoor business sign is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

You need to understand how to make it stand out attractively. Colors, fonts, materials, and lighting all contribute to the effectiveness of your sign. You also need to decide on the type of sign you want and where to locate it. Of course, what’s printed on your sign has the most impact on your business. The final decision will be to select the outdoor signs at a business vendor that meets your needs.

You need a reputable sign maker with knowledge of your local community and one who provides superior customer support.

1. Pay Attention to Colors and Fonts In Your Outdoor Sign Design

Self Storage Illuminated Pole Outdoor Sign with LED Time/TemperatureYour outdoor sign needs to stand out and project the image and reputation of your business. Using fancy fonts and garish colors might stand out but may also turn away your best customers. Fonts and typefaces should be simple and bold. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Futura are easier to read than serif fonts like Times New Roman. Your design must connect with a driver passing your business at 30 to 50 miles per hour.

Colors are emotional for many people, and the colors you use in your sign should convey the emotions you want your customer to feel. For example, an outdoor sporting goods store will likely use different colors than a nail salon.

Follow your brand guide developed for your interior signs and marketing materials. Your brand image should be consistent across the customer experience.

2. Less Is More: Keep Your Sign Message Short

Self Storage Outdoor SignAs mentioned previously, most people viewing outdoor signs for businesses will be driving by in a car and only have a few seconds to view your message. Keeping messages under seven words is a common rule of thumb, but it’s even better to use fewer words.

3. Sign Location Matters

Your business sign needs to be in an easily viewable location from the street and protected from traffic and damage from passing vehicles. Most businesses have signs on the side of their building and a freestanding sign closer to the road. For retail locations, window signs engage with shoppers who are passing by on foot. 

4. Sign Graphics Add Personality

Creative images, backgrounds, and digital images add personality to your sign. It’s crucial that your sign’s graphics don’t overwhelm your business name and message. Working with an experienced sign designer will make your job and decision more straightforward.

5. Yes, Size Does Matter

The size of the sign is also important. The ratio of the letters should match the size of the building. Using letters that are too small will go unseen, and letters that are too large will look out of place. If you need inspiration, take a look at outdoor signs near me for ideas. 

Customizing the Best Outdoor Business Signs

Custom outdoor signageOutdoor business sign design communicates your brand and messaging to prospects and customers. In addition, an attractive design will enhance your neighborhood and blend in with the style and culture of your community. 

Customized lighting is an effective way to help your business stand out, especially if your business is open in the evening. Using contrasting colors will help your words pop against the background. Your sign should also be unique and showcase why your business is so special. 

Artcraft Sign Company is an experienced outdoor business sign company that is eager to provide you with plenty of tips and suggestions. Our skilled designers and installers will ensure that your sign expertly promotes your business and lasts for many years. In addition to traditional outdoor business signs, we also manufacture indoor signs, yard signs, vehicle signs, and building wraps. High-quality signs are a cost-effective way to promote your business and increase sales without breaking the bank.

reception area office lobby signs for

4 Benefits of Custom Business Signs

Since 1881, Artcraft Sign has been regarded as the leading company for sign design and manufacturing in Denver. We’ve worked hard to establish long-lasting relationships with all of the businesses we’ve worked with, big and small. Our mission is to increase your businesses’ visibility with our custom business signs.

A business’s marketing and budget can be positively impacted by utilizing custom signage, along with a few other aspects. Signage is one of the most cost-effective ways to introduce a new product or service, inform your customers, or raise awareness of your brand in the community. Let’s cover some of the benefits of custom signs.

Custom Signs Benefits

customized office door signAn important part of any branding strategy is a custom sign, whether you’re a developer, business, university, or a hospital. From marketing to creating a cost-effective advertising platform to landmarking, custom signs can serve a variety of purposes.

This is why you want the absolute best when creating custom office door signs for your business. Below, we will cover four significant benefits of getting custom signage.


All forms of marketing are popular among businesses: social media ads, flyers, and even e-mails. Payments for these tools are often monthly, and they aren’t cheap. You will have an effective passive marketing tool with solid custom signage. Furthermore, you will only have to pay for it once. 

A professional sign can also help you stand out from the crowd, let people know that you exist, and what you offer. When you display your business name and logo outdoors, regardless of weather, it helps build brand recognition and familiarity for your customers. 

Not only will custom office door signs attract customers to your business, but they can lead to purchases. If a sign catches someone’s eye, it might encourage them to step into the store. 

Location Marking

Installing Custom Signage Think of the instances where you have instantly recognized a custom building sign, like McDonald’s. Once you spot that large letter M in the distance, you know exactly what business it is. If business owners are strategic about their custom lobby or office signs, their signs will have much more effectiveness. 

Make sure to consider the areas surrounding the business. If a cafe is tucked into a corner with other larger businesses, it’s ideal that the corner is known for that small business as well as the larger ones. Sign design and manufacturing at a Denver business can have a huge impact on visibility. With experts designing and manufacturing compelling custom lobby signs, your business will get noticed.


Since signage affects the flow of traffic to your location significantly, the money spent on other advertising may be wasted without a sign to identify your business. Since signage plays an important role in your business’s success, the sign industry has evolved tremendously, ensuring that the communication needs of every business can be met with attractive, customizable signs.

Custom signage will also last a long time, so you won’t have to replace it for many years to come. They should only need to be cleaned and repaired minimally.Fabricated, Powder Coated Steel Signs for Outdoor Space


Customize Your Business Signs Today!

Custom signs can take a business to the next level in so many ways. At Artcraft Sign Company, we provide the highest quality custom office signs and custom lobby signs. Whether you need to raise awareness about your business or introduce a new product or service, custom signs can get the job done effectively and within a limited budget! You may also read about our services for outdoor signs for your business. Visit us to cater to your needs for custom business signs!

Full Coverage Graphics on Van

Professional Car Wrapping: How Digital Printing Dominated Vehicle Wrapping Industry?

Grab customers’ attention with your branded vehicles. We offer professional wrapping services for vehicles to help you reach your business’s advertisement goals.

The role that marketing plays for businesses in Denver cannot be overstated. Advertising helps you get more customers, which translates to more revenue, a plus for any business — including yours. However, getting in front of your target audience and persuading them to use your services can be a challenge.

We offer professional car wrapping services, using appealing vehicle graphics to feature your brand and help you reach a wider audience. This approach engages your audience and showcases the information you want to advertise, including marketing promotions, contact information, and other details your customers need to know before purchasing your goods or services.

Car Wrapping in a Nutshell

Car wrapping involves covering a vehicle with a unique vinyl film treated with UV and scratch-protective coating so that the car lasts longer under the elements. Rather than being subject to the costly expense of respraying your vehicle, car wrapping is an affordable way to customize your vehicle’s appearance. While choosing the wrap’s color and texture, you can also select complex designs such as your brand logo and advertisement banners. With digital printing, we process the vehicle designs for your business’s cars, providing you with a cost-effective way to advertise your business on the move.

Full Coverage Graphics on Van form a professional car wrapping service

The history of car wrapping began with the significant switch from vinyl lettering to complete body vinyl color change in 1993. Vinyl lettering was small-scale, involving computer-controlled plotters to cut out vinyl sheets that vehicle owners could use for commercial purposes.

German vinyl manufacturer Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) was requested to produce an alternative to paint for converting cars to taxis in 1993. KPMF used car wrapping to enable taxi companies in Germany to retain the future resale value of cars that they converted to taxis.

Following this huge milestone, there was a high demand for vinyl wraps by vehicle owners who were interested in customizing their vehicles as they pleased. One of the purposes these vinyl wraps served was to change the car’s color without damaging the paintwork. In addition to styling the car, the vehicle wraps also had protective purposes, including preserving the paintwork from wear and tear. Over the decades, car wrapping has evolved from simplistic color change vinyl wraps to ingenious, intricate vehicle graphics that can fully represent any business’s logo or brand. The cost of vehicle wrapping ranges between $1,500-$5,000, depending on factors such as the size of the vehicle, the wrap design, and the amount of time it takes to wrap the vehicle.


What Makes Digital Vehicle Wrapping Better? 

Professional car wrapping cost is affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to feature your business’s brand on vehicles for advertisement. There are numerous advantages to having digitally printed designs for vehicle wraps. These advantages include converting your company’s car into a versatile sign that can increase people’s familiarity with your business in Denver.

Digital Printed Wraps Designs Are Customizable

You can customize your vehicle wraps using your brand colors or logo through digital printing and select the texture and color according to your preferences. Completely refurbish your car with personalized vehicle graphics that market your business for you.

Digital Printed Wraps Are More Affordable 

Compared to the steep price of repainting your vehicle, digitally printed wraps are a significantly more economical way to customize your ride. These inexpensive wraps are suited for cars but can also be used for branding trucks, vans, and tanker vehicles.

Digital Printed Wraps Boost Marketing Efforts

With your brand’s logo, designs, or marketing campaign advertisements on vehicles, you can significantly increase your reach to your potential audience. As people keep seeing your business advertised on your vehicles, they will become familiar with your services and easily recall your name when they need your help.

Promaster Van Graphics

Boost Your Business’s Growth With Professional Car Wrapping

Take your business to the next level with vehicle designs that speak for your brand. Artcraft Sign Company provides professional car wrapping services for Denver businesses to showcase their brand to their target audience. Our experience of over 140 years enables us to deliver the absolute best service and results to our clients. We can’t wait to help your business start growing.


Rabbit Vehicle Wrap Graphics

Your Guide to Printed Vehicle Graphics Design

Every business with a vehicle has the perfect advertising method at its fingertips: printed vehicle graphics. These adhesive graphics apply directly to your vehicle’s surface, have different finishes, and easily come off when needed. You can effortlessly promote your Denver business with custom graphics that use your company’s logo, contact information, and brand colors. Printed vehicle graphics design increases your small- to large-sized business’s brand awareness in a cost-effective, professional and non-intrusive way. 

Why Your Business Needs Automotive Graphics

Rabbit Pass Side with vehicle graphics design

Focusing part of your business’s marketing budget on automotive graphics, decals or lettering will increase brand awareness and your ROI. They represent one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising by boosting your visibility to a wide audience in your local area. No matter your specific industry, you will make the best use of your vehicles with versatile, eye-catching business graphics.

When you decide to invest in vehicle graphics, partner with a professional digital printing company. Collaborating with a professional company will result in quality design and printing that matches your branding, looks incredible, and continually provides your business with hassle-free marketing.

Printed Vehicle Graphics: The Advantages

Before you opt for printed vehicle graphics, your business should know the advantages. The following points demonstrate some of the many ways that vehicle graphics will benefit your business.

Increased Visibility

Employing printed vehicle graphics design dramatically increases your business’s visibility. Your company vehicle passes hundreds of people every day. These people do not all fall into the same demographics, meaning a high-quality vehicle graphic will attract potential customers beyond your target audience. 

The quality and design of your automotive graphics also have the power to make a lasting impression. You want to inform passers-by and other drivers that your business is successful, professional, and trustworthy. The right vehicle graphic helps establish your brand’s credibility and spread brand awareness.


Printed vehicle graphics represent a cost-effective way to advertise your business. Collaborating with a professional digital printing company to design and apply the graphic costs a significant fee upfront. However, when done correctly, business graphics last for years and only require gentle maintenance. 

You can also scale the graphic to fit your budget. Some businesses choose a full-vehicle graphic, but smaller graphics, decals, and lettering work just as effectively. With the increased brand exposure, you will see a larger ROI when using your vehicle graphic. 


In order to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you need to track their performance. You can easily track how well your vehicle graphic does by asking new clients how they learned about your business. Spotting your vehicle around town might provide a valuable reminder to local customers in need of your business’s services to finally reach out. You are also bound to hear from friends, family, and colleagues whether they saw your vehicle. Additionally, you can use a call tracking phone number on your vehicle or fleet designs to know where that call was sourced from.

Hassle-free Marketing While Parked

Building Technology Systems Vehicle Graphics design

Vehicle graphics continue to do their job even when you don’t actively use your vehicle. The vehicle’s branding allows you to advertise to anyone who walks or drives by, no matter where your vehicle is parked. Your unique business graphics will still catch people’s attention and remind them of your business, so the next time they need your products or services, your name may come to mind. 

Printed Graphics Design for your Business’s Vehicles

Printed vehicle graphics design boosts your business’s visibility and brand awareness across a wider local audience. They also establish the professionalism and credibility of your business. Interested in creating vehicle graphics for your business? Artcraft Sign Company offers Denver businesses premiere services and 140 years of experience. Our innovative fabricators and designers use the latest sign manufacturing technology to create stunning graphics for all our customers. Call 303-777-7771 or contact us through our website for any inquiries or further information.

6 Benefits of Digital Print Signs for Your Business

benefits of digital print signs of Invesco companyWhile technology sometimes requires training and expensive equipment to implement in your business, this is not always the case. Many aspects of our lives, including printing, have become primarily digital. At Artcraft Sign Company, printing is our business. 

When you need signage for your business, we have a solution to meet your needs and budget. Incorporating the latest technology into our digital print signs may be just what you are looking for. Read on to discover 6 of the benefits of digital print signs for your business.

What Is Digital Printing?

 printing sign process - benefits of digital print sign

Long gone are the days of traditional offset printing. The traditional printing process required expensive printing plates to transfer images from one place to another. This cumbersome process meant limited color choices, rigid design concepts, and high printing costs. 

Digital printing, on the other hand, allows images to be pressed directly onto the desired medium. 

After the advent of digital printing machines, cost per item was lowered, signs became more customizable and business owners can take advantage of an amazing technology at a more affordable price. There are frequent additions and improvements to the digital print technologies available. At Artcraft Sign Company, we are committed to delivering the most up-to-date technological advancements to our customers in our 55,000 square foot facility. 

Digital Printing Machines 

Digital printing is accomplished by using a digital printing machine. The machine prints directly onto the paper and skip the transfer process altogether. 

A digital printing machine can take on a wide variety of projects efficiently and cost-effectively. The latest trends in digital printing include improved sustainability and the incorporation of 3D printing capabilities. 

Types of Digital Printing

The applications for digital printing in your business are expansive. At Artcraft Sign Company, our large format machine can turn out many types of digital printing, including:

Benefits of Digital Print Signage

In addition to providing a beautiful, eye-catching sign for your business, there are numerous benefits to digital print signs

  1. Full color: With digital print signs, color choices are unlimited. Design products with full color and gradation without spending extra money. 
  2. Faster turnaround: Because digital print signs are made without using metal plates, the process is faster from start to finish. The lack of pre-press procedures and plate setups means you get your products faster.
  3. Cost-effective: The digital printing process is often more cost-effective because the production process requires fewer steps.
    Kool 105 company sign - benefits of digital print signs
  4. Customizable designs: Digital printing allows signage to be fully customized to your exact specifications, even on a print-by-print basis.
  5. High-quality output: Advances in digital technology have resulted in high-quality products produced from digital printing. Customers can even see samples of color accuracy without committing to a design plate, allowing for a final product that meets or exceeds expectations.
  6. Versatile: Digital print signage is versatile. Make one design into a variety of end products, including metallics, synthetics, and fabrics. 

Cost-Effective Digital Printing Solutions

Make an immediate impact with digital print signs from Artcraft Sign Company in Denver. 

For over 140 years, we have helped businesses solve printing problems with high-quality full-color products delivered quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Take Your Professional Signage to the Next Level

If you are in the market for signage for your company, we hope that you consider all of the benefits of digital print signs. Even if you are in a time crunch and need a product with a fully-customizable design, you won’t have to break the bank with a digital print sign. At Artcraft Sign Company, we make sure that your digital sign project delivers a strong message to your customers while staying on budget.