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Crafting Impactful Office Lobby Signs: Design Tips

The lobby is the first point of interaction an outsider will have with your company. The way your lobby is perceived by visitors can determine whether they will become customers, staff, or partners. Lobby signage can provide an element of interest and visual excitement to your office space. It must also be able to convey the vision and ideals of your brand. An effective way to ensure your lobby does all these things is through the use of office lobby signs.

The office lobby is the area within an office complex where visitors can inquire about business operations. They can also wait there before being attended to by an official. 

What Are the Different Types of Lobby Signs?

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Lobby signs are materials used in an office lobby to welcome, promote and direct visitors. There are several types of office lobby signs. They include:

Wall Graphics

Typically made from large format printed vinyl, and professionally installed. They can display your company’s logo, artwork/graphics, or any other promotional message.

Retractable / Pull-up Banners

  • Banners are made of vinyl or fabric, and they are usually not hung on the lobby walls, but may be used as temporary signage for special events, such as sales.
  • Banners can display your company’s logo or any other promotional message.
  • A retractable sign is a type of banner; however, the flexible material used for display is attached to a lightweight aluminum frame. This frame can retract up or down in one easy motion, allowing compact storage and quick set up time.

Dimensional Letter / Logo signs

A dimensional letter or logo sign usually displays the name or logo of the company. It is one of the most important and professional indoor office lobby signs. Materials used to make a letter or logo sign include stainless steel, acrylic, glass and aluminum.  These signs may include elements such as dimensional or flat graphics, branding, and custom painted colors.

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are similar to letter or logo signs, but with an electrically illuminated element incorporated into the design. Some illuminated signs have light sources within them, while others receive light from an external source.  Typically, an illuminated lobby sign will use low-voltage white LEDs, but RBG colors are available to accent branding colors.

Tabletop signs

Tabletop signs are small signs placed on the receptionist’s desk or checkout counter. They are effective office lobby directory signs, aiding in direction and encouraging sales.

Floor signs

Floor signs are unconventional lobby signs that are usually digitally printed vinyl graphics custom applied on the floor. They help direct foot traffic, guide people to safety, and can be utilized for promotional materials.

Choosing the Right Type of Office Lobby Signs

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As you can see, there are several types of office lobby signs. Each of these sign types has its own peculiar use and characteristics. Therefore, not all types of indoor signs are perfect for your office. To find out which is the right fit for your business, there are some things you need to consider. 

The Importance of Designing a Lobby Sign That Reflects Your Brand

Branding is an integral part of the business. It is what makes your company stand out from the others in your sector. The success of a business is directly linked to how visible its brand is. 

Though indoor signs can convey several words and messages, using them to reflect your brand is important. This is because:

Lobby Signs Quickly Catch Your Eye

When people walk into your lobby, the first thing they will notice is your sign. This is because visuals are very effective at capturing people’s attention. Through office signs, your visitors will be able to see your company’s name and get an idea of who you are. This helps in promoting your brand and giving you a good first impression. Seeing graphic details about what you have to offer can convince them to do business with you.

Lobby Signs Can Reinforce Brand Perception

Your company’s lobby is often the first introduction to your brand, so you want to ensure that you’re creating the best possible first impression. This means coordinating your brand colors, interior designs and logos. Having a large lobby sign helps reinforce the positive image of your brand for your customers and any visiting vendors. Plus, your employees often get a warm, fuzzy feeling when seeing the brand identity in print — which can boost productivity and give your staff members a great start to their day.

Choosing the Perfect Materials and Colors for Your Sign

Lobby signs can be made from various materials. These materials include wood, glass, acrylic, paint, and many more. These signs can also come in different colors.

When it comes to picking the materials and colors to use for your sign, there are some things you need to consider. They include:

  • Your brand – The colors you choose for your sign should complement or conform with those of your brand. If the colors you pick clash with those in your logo or other brand designs, they can send conflicting messages.
  • Your lobby – You need to take into account the size of your lobby and the material the walls of your lobby are made of. These determine which materials you can use for your signs. The colors of your signs must also complement the colors of the walls.
  • Your budget – Materials used for designing signs have different costs. For instance, glass signs are more costly than acrylic signs. When choosing the materials to use for your sign, ensure you select what you have budgeted for.

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