Screen Printing Services in Denver

Screen printing machine.Screen printing is the technique of inking a design onto a flat surface. The design is first etched on a stenciled mesh screen and then pressed to the surface you want the print on. Initially, screen printing was only done on paper and fabrics like silk. But the technique has been improved over the years, allowing printing on hard surfaces using specialized screens and inks. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best printing method for your custom printing needs. For many, it’s the colors — and that’s where screen printing comes on top. The process of screen printing makes the final quality visually pleasing because the ink is spread continuously, in layers. This makes it stand out and visually pleasing even in darker colors.

Screen printing is easily replicable. It requires a single design of the stenciled mesh screen from which multiple printing can be done, making it the favored choice when printing in large quantities and on several surfaces.

Silkscreen printing operationOther benefits of using screen printing include:

  • Screen printing is very customizable
  • Is ideal for prints that will be subjected to wear and tear
  • It’s easy to print in hard-to-reach portions of garments
  • Preferred substitute to digital printing for the same designs

With Denver being the home to many businesses, you deserve to stand out in the most unique way possible. And it could be from having a reputation for having the most beautiful signs to match your impeccable service delivery to quality merch. We are here to help you, no matter your custom screen printing in Denver.

Artcraft Sign Company Screen Printing Services

The Aircraft Sign Company is reputed as Denver’s leading sign company, helping businesses capture their clients’ attention in record timing and maintain safety standards. Sometimes, the simple help you provide, like directions, endears customers to your brand.

We offer the following screen printing services:

Outdoor Business Signs 

  • Commercial Sign Fabrication 
  • Tenant Pylon Directory Signs 
  • Facility-Wide Signage – Design & Installation 
  • Outdoor Hospital Signs
  • Custom Outdoor Kiosks 
  • Cast Metal Plaques 

Indoor Business Signs 

  • ADA Tactile Braille Signs 
  • Lobby and Office Signs 
  • Engraved Name Plates 

Digital Printing 

  • Large Format Printing 
  • Custom Banners 
  • Vehicle Lettering / Digital Graphics 

Equipment Tags 

  • Laser Cutting and Marking 
  • Decals and Labels 
  • Metal Equipment Tags 


Our Three-Step Screen Printing Process

Male worker using screen printing film and a printing machine in a workshopThere are many screen printing methods and workflows. Here, we discuss how we go from being contacted by a customer to delivering on our promises.

  1. Our in-house designer works with the client to create a custom design if they do not already have one. 
  2. We create mockups and art proofs to ensure the design matches the surface well. Here, the client double-checks spelling and grammar mistakes or for any color adjustments.
  3. On confirmation, the design is printed on a transparent acetate film from which we will create the stencil. Then we commence production.

Why Custom Screen Printing?

Screen printingYou may ask, “Why not just copy a design and swap some elements?” Having custom designs places you at the pinnacle of uniqueness and creativity. Plus, being recognized as copying another entity’s design can be bad for your business because there’s no more trust and goodwill. 

Another reason you should custom print is that it places you on the good side of the law, avoiding any intellectual property issues. Saving time and money that would otherwise be spent for breaching these laws.

Every project embarked on should be custom printed, including branded apparel, event merchandise, promotional products, campaign stickers, and whatnot.

Create Outstanding Screen Printing in Denver With Artcraft Sign Company 

Artcraft Sign Company has been helping business owners craft custom screen printing designs for their business, amplifying their marketing efforts and branding. Our screen printing is visually appealing, customizable, and durable.

And If you need help developing a custom design, our expert graphic designers can guide you on the best practices. Call us at (303) 777-7771 to discuss your screen printing project today. Fill out this form for a free quote for your project.