A series of flammable, non-flammable, toxic, corrosive and oxidizing gas and chemical safety symbols metal tags.

Uses of Metal Equipment Tags Explained

Labels are not as durable as metal equipment tags. These tags are attached to machinery to mark and showcase important information. Such information includes safety standards to consider while using the machinery, asset tags for easy identification, and descriptions to indicate faulty equipment meant for repairs.

metal tags with no smoking sign warning.Metal Product and Equipment Tags

Metal equipment tags are exceptionally durable and favorable for labeling metal products. Whether these products are meant for indoor or outdoor use, equipment tags provide long-lasting label options that remain legible and maintain high quality over time. With such impressive quality, your label retains permanent readability to easily view information on your metal products.

What Are Metal Tags Used for?

Metal tags have many uses in an industrial setting. The manufacturing industry utilizes metal equipment tags to identify machinery quickly. These tags are available with pre-drilled holes to effortlessly mount them onto equipment where necessary.

Industrial photo of Diesel oi; tank with metal tag label on itChemical and Industrial

Due to their extraordinary durability and resistance to chemicals such as abrasives, metal tags are the go-to labeling option for equipment in factories and industries. They can withstand the harshest conditions and last up to the longevity period of the equipment.


Vehicle customize plate IdentificationMetal tags are used for various applications in the transportation industry, including vehicle identification plates, safety instruction plates, and manufacturing nameplates. You can also easily attach metal tags to vehicles, depending on your preferred attachment style, effectively labeling your vehicle with labels that have long-lasting legibility.

Types of Metal Equipment Tags

You can customize metal equipment tags to suit your business’s needs with several options available. Let’s explore the four basic types of metal tags:

  • blank aluminum metal tagScreen-printed metal tags are highly effective when you want to communicate information without hassle. This tag is your go-to option if you’re going to add color to the metal tag.
  • Anodized aluminum tags have remarkable resistance in abrasive chemical environments and can last more than 20 years. You can directly add them to your machinery with an adhesive or drill mounting holes for a more secure attachment.
  • Stainless steel tags have the tag information etched in the stainless steel material. Inscribing the details makes them scratch-proof and resistant to harsh conditions.
  • Brass tags possess high durability, particularly in marine elements, including saltwater. They have a good appearance and are perfect for tagging assets transported via the ocean.

Additional Options to Consider With Metal Tags

While we have basic types of metal equipment tags, there are other options to consider when choosing which tag to use. These conditions include:

  • Attachment types, such as drilled holes for mounting or pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • The corners of the metal tags
  • The thickness, which has a range of dimensions, including 0.003″, 0.005″, 0.008″, 0.012″, 0.020″, 0.032″ and 0.63″
  • Teflon coating to form a protective layer over the tag and increase its longevity.

Benefits of Metal Equipment Tags

For tagging equipment in areas where using abrasives is a norm, durability and functionality are key attributes you should look for in a tag. Using metal equipment tags enables you to enjoy such advantages including:

CustomizationMetal tags in different shapes

You can choose custom metal equipment tags based on shapes, sizes, colors, and lettering. Depending on the purpose of the metal tag, you can personalize them to fit your working environment.


Durability plays an essential role in the quality of tags as substandard materials require frequent maintenance. Equipment tags provide years of durability that last as long as or even longer than your metal products.

factory machines with metal tags label on itPermanence

For permanently labeling equipment, metal tags serve as the best solution to mark several types of machinery. These tags provide permanence and durability required for vehicles exposed to hot and cold weather conditions.

Customize Metal Equipment Tags

With the plethora of options and benefits from utilizing metal equipment tags, you can efficiently label your machinery and communicate information effectively. You can also customize them to fit your business’s needs perfectly. Artcraft Sign Company provides outdoor signs to help your target audience interact better with your business.