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What Are Decals?

Are you wondering what are decals? If you’ve decided to upgrade signage or marketing materials for your business, you may wonder if installing decals is a better choice than other types of displays. Decals are adaptable, affordable, and easily applied in a wide range of uses. If you’re looking for new ways to get your company’s name and logo out there for increased visibility, the benefits of using decals may just sway you over to their installation.

Understanding Decals

Decal sticker on a fuel tankThe term decal refers to any decoration added to another surface with some type of transfer or adhesive layer. This includes cut vinyl materials overlaid onto buildings or vehicles, stickers applied to surfaces, screen-printed and transferred labels, and much more. 

For signage purposes, decals are usually made of vinyl or other printed materials. They’re used for everything from identifying vehicles, such as the letter on the side of police cars, to advertising business both onsite and elsewhere. Some are solely for decorative or personal use, but many serve essential purposes. Businesses can put them to hundreds of uses, both directly inside the retail or office environment and by distributing them to customers and clients.

Benefits of Using Decals

Custom decal printing allows any business to unlock the full benefits of these useful tools. Vinyl stickers or printed designs are easily handed out as promotional items for customers or business partners. They’re affordable enough to use everywhere, putting an end to unlabeled or unidentified equipment, vehicles, and more. 

Easy to apply and often easy to remove when necessary, decals truly offer a wide range of benefits. Explore more potential benefits for decals to decide if they’re right for your project.

Decals Are Durable

Decal outdoor business signageDespite often only requiring a peel-and-stick process for application, many decals can last years even when exposed to the elements. Vinyl materials in particular are known for looking great with minimal maintenance. The problems that affect other signage and label materials often have little effect on the materials used for decal printing. 

Most products designed for outdoor use can guarantee no fading, peeling, or cracking for at least five years of use. That’s enough for even demanding government and public service projects that won’t see much service or maintenance over the years, such as public parks or monument facilities.


Full-color printing, bold vinyl materials with patterns or surface effects, and specialty cutting all allow decals to shine. Artistic expression is easy with a printed sticker that shows off the company’s full name and logo in crisp detail. Of course, this means you’ll have to find high-quality custom decal printing for good results. Using the right materials for the decal depending on where it’ll be displayed also determines how attractive it remains over time. 

As mentioned above, many printing options allow for fade resistance that’s still looking good five years or longer after installation. Don’t settle for outdated-looking graphics when decals instantly update the look of any space, indoors or out.

High Resistance

Decals taxi custom signage For more demanding installations where weather conditions or exposure make signage a challenge, there are decal materials that can last. Some products have extended lifespans of up to 10 years with only minimal color loss and peeling. If sea spray, heat, or even vandalism is a problem, there are vinyl and other backing material options to prevent damage. 

Enjoy decals that last even in the toughest environments by working with a skilled custom printer.

Quality Decal Printing in Denver

Now that you know a little bit more about exactly what are decals, you’re ready to put them to good use around your business. Update your hours, post new information for customers, or just hand out some high-quality vinyl decals as free advertisement. ArtCraft Signs offers top-quality decal printing services in Denver to suit all of your needs.