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Laser Cutting: The Art of Custom Metal Sign Fabrication

Custom signage is more than just about letters, words, graphics, and even colors. It is about the materials used and how precisely they convey your message and branding to those who view them. One choice growing in popularity is custom-cut laser signs. This option can help deliver a message of quality, stability, and seriousness about your business. Here is a look at how custom laser-cut metal signs are made.

What Is Laser Cutting

high-tech metal cutting laser tool in operation.Laser cutting uses laser technology to vaporize materials, providing markings, etchings, engravings, and/or a cut edge. It is used today in various applications to cut, etch, and mark hard and soft wood, acrylic, plastic, granite, rubber, foam, leather, glass, and more. It is also valuable and versatile in etching and cutting a wide selection of metals, including brass, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and more. Laser-cut metal signs tend to raise the level of the message or brand of which they are charged to deliver. Laser cutting metal for signage is detailed and precise.

How to Make Custom Metal Signs by Laser Cutting

Laser cutting uses a highly focused beam to burn, melt or vaporize materials, including metals. As materials are vaporized, they are cleared away by a jet stream of gas, leaving the desired finished edge, etching, or engraving behind. The laser follows a computer, CNC, or even a hand-generated pattern or template to deliver a precise reproduction of the desired image. Even detailed artwork, graphics, and logos can be reproduced with integrity.

Kind of Metal to be Used

worker working in metal cuttingWhile virtually any type of metal can be cut into metal signage, various steel and aluminum products are the most popular. This is due to their availability, affordability, flexibility, and durability. They are a superior medium for laser-cut signage. Mild steel and stainless steel, along with anodized aluminum, are particularly suited for metal custom-cut laser signs. Where weight is a concern, aluminum is an excellent option.

Design and Color

The choice of design and color of a custom metal laser cut sign often depends on its location, size, and purpose. Highly detailed graphics, for example, may lose their impact when viewed from a distance. The colors selected should reflect an organization’s branding and messaging. Custom laser cut signs can be used by everyone from heavy industry to high-tech companies.

Custom laser cutting through bonded and layered materials can provide a deeper, richer-looking three-dimensional impact. When it comes to custom-cut metal signs, this can take exceptional knowledge and experience. The quality of the final product will, of course, depend on your choice of custom signage service provider.

Best Laser Cutting Services

engineer prepares to set up for laser metal cutting Laser cutting services are not the same. Some specialize in industrial cutting or etching for other purposes. If you are interested in signage to help your company stand above the crowd, choose a laser-cutting company with specific experience in laser-cutting metal signage, equipment tags, and machine labels. You should choose a trustworthy company that is dependable and knowledgeable. In the Denver area, that heritage sign company is Artcraft Sign Company.

Sign Company in Denver

When choosing signage for your organization, we invite you to learn more about Artcraft Sign Company. There, you’ll find an experienced team of signage, graphics, and marketing experts to help you maximize your return on investment. Artcraft has over 140 years of experience as an innovative fabricator and designer. Artcraft provides the latest in sign manufacturing technology available, including accurate grade 2 Braille translation from a 55.0000 square foot, UL-approved facility in Denver.

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