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Professional Car Wrapping: How Digital Printing Took Over In The Industry?

Grab customers’ attention with your branded vehicles. We offer professional wrapping services for vehicles to help you reach your business’s advertisement goals.

The role that marketing plays for businesses in Denver cannot be overstated. Advertising helps you get more customers, which translates to more revenue, a plus for any business — including yours. However, getting in front of your target audience and persuading them to use your services can be a challenge.

We offer professional car wrapping services, using appealing vehicle graphics to feature your brand and help you reach a wider audience. This approach engages your audience and showcases the information you want to advertise, including marketing promotions, contact information, and other details your customers need to know before purchasing your goods or services.

Car Wrapping in a Nutshell

Car wrapping involves covering a vehicle with a unique vinyl film treated with UV and scratch-protective coating so that the car lasts longer under the elements. Rather than being subject to the costly expense of respraying your vehicle, car wrapping is an affordable way to customize your vehicle’s appearance. While choosing the wrap’s color and texture, you can also select complex designs such as your brand logo and advertisement banners. With digital printing, we process the vehicle designs for your business’s cars, providing you with a cost-effective way to advertise your business on the move.

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The history of car wrapping began with the significant switch from vinyl lettering to complete body vinyl color change in 1993. Vinyl lettering was small-scale, involving computer-controlled plotters to cut out vinyl sheets that vehicle owners could use for commercial purposes.

German vinyl manufacturer Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) was requested to produce an alternative to paint for converting cars to taxis in 1993. KPMF used car wrapping to enable taxi companies in Germany to retain the future resale value of cars that they converted to taxis.

Following this huge milestone, there was a high demand for vinyl wraps by vehicle owners who were interested in customizing their vehicles as they pleased. One of the purposes these vinyl wraps served was to change the car’s color without damaging the paintwork. In addition to styling the car, the vehicle wraps also had protective purposes, including preserving the paintwork from wear and tear. Over the decades, car wrapping has evolved from simplistic color change vinyl wraps to ingenious, intricate vehicle graphics that can fully represent any business’s logo or brand. The cost of vehicle wrapping ranges between $1,500-$5,000, depending on factors such as the size of the vehicle, the wrap design, and the amount of time it takes to wrap the vehicle.


What Makes Digital Vehicle Wrapping Better? 

Professional car wrapping cost is affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to feature your business’s brand on vehicles for advertisement. There are numerous advantages to having digitally printed designs for vehicle wraps. These advantages include converting your company’s car into a versatile sign that can increase people’s familiarity with your business in Denver.

Digital Printed Wraps Designs Are Customizable

You can customize your vehicle wraps using your brand colors or logo through digital printing and select the texture and color according to your preferences. Completely refurbish your car with personalized vehicle graphics that market your business for you.

Digital Printed Wraps Are More Affordable 

Compared to the steep price of repainting your vehicle, digitally printed wraps are a significantly more economical way to customize your ride. These inexpensive wraps are suited for cars but can also be used for branding trucks, vans, and tanker vehicles.

Digital Printed Wraps Boost Marketing Efforts

With your brand’s logo, designs, or marketing campaign advertisements on vehicles, you can significantly increase your reach to your potential audience. As people keep seeing your business advertised on your vehicles, they will become familiar with your services and easily recall your name when they need your help.

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Boost Your Business’s Growth With Professional Car Wrapping

Take your business to the next level with vehicle designs that speak for your brand. Artcraft Sign Company provides professional car wrapping services for Denver businesses to showcase their brand to their target audience. Our experience of over 140 years enables us to deliver the absolute best service and results to our clients. We can’t wait to help your business start growing.