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Your Guide to Printed Vehicle Graphics Design

Every business with a vehicle has the perfect advertising method at its fingertips: printed vehicle graphics. These adhesive graphics apply directly to your vehicle’s surface, have different finishes, and easily come off when needed. You can effortlessly promote your Denver business with custom graphics that use your company’s logo, contact information, and brand colors. Printed vehicle graphics design increases your small- to large-sized business’s brand awareness in a cost-effective, professional and non-intrusive way. 

Why Your Business Needs Automotive Graphics

Rabbit Pass Side with vehicle graphics design

Focusing part of your business’s marketing budget on automotive graphics, decals or lettering will increase brand awareness and your ROI. They represent one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising by boosting your visibility to a wide audience in your local area. No matter your specific industry, you will make the best use of your vehicles with versatile, eye-catching business graphics.

When you decide to invest in vehicle graphics, partner with a professional digital printing company. Collaborating with a professional company will result in quality design and printing that matches your branding, looks incredible, and continually provides your business with hassle-free marketing.

Printed Vehicle Graphics: The Advantages

Before you opt for printed vehicle graphics, your business should know the advantages. The following points demonstrate some of the many ways that vehicle graphics will benefit your business.

Increased Visibility

Employing printed vehicle graphics design dramatically increases your business’s visibility. Your company vehicle passes hundreds of people every day. These people do not all fall into the same demographics, meaning a high-quality vehicle graphic will attract potential customers beyond your target audience. 

The quality and design of your automotive graphics also have the power to make a lasting impression. You want to inform passers-by and other drivers that your business is successful, professional, and trustworthy. The right vehicle graphic helps establish your brand’s credibility and spread brand awareness.


Printed vehicle graphics represent a cost-effective way to advertise your business. Collaborating with a professional digital printing company to design and apply the graphic costs a significant fee upfront. However, when done correctly, business graphics last for years and only require gentle maintenance. 

You can also scale the graphic to fit your budget. Some businesses choose a full-vehicle graphic, but smaller graphics, decals, and lettering work just as effectively. With the increased brand exposure, you will see a larger ROI when using your vehicle graphic. 


In order to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you need to track their performance. You can easily track how well your vehicle graphic does by asking new clients how they learned about your business. Spotting your vehicle around town might provide a valuable reminder to local customers in need of your business’s services to finally reach out. You are also bound to hear from friends, family, and colleagues whether they saw your vehicle. Additionally, you can use a call tracking phone number on your vehicle or fleet designs to know where that call was sourced from.

Hassle-free Marketing While Parked

Building Technology Systems Vehicle Graphics design

Vehicle graphics continue to do their job even when you don’t actively use your vehicle. The vehicle’s branding allows you to advertise to anyone who walks or drives by, no matter where your vehicle is parked. Your unique business graphics will still catch people’s attention and remind them of your business, so the next time they need your products or services, your name may come to mind. 

Printed Graphics Design for your Business’s Vehicles

Printed vehicle graphics design boosts your business’s visibility and brand awareness across a wider local audience. They also establish the professionalism and credibility of your business. Interested in creating vehicle graphics for your business? Artcraft Sign Company offers Denver businesses premiere services and 140 years of experience. Our innovative fabricators and designers use the latest sign manufacturing technology to create stunning graphics for all our customers. Call 303-777-7771 or contact us through our website for any inquiries or further information.