Hospital and Medical Center Wayfinding Signs

Hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare facilities have a unique need when it comes to signage. Not only do your signs need to be professional and well-designed, but they also need to be straightforward so that they provide clear directions to visitors. Hospital visitors are usually experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety due to medical concerns. A well designed wayfinding system can help streamline their visit and calm their nerves.

When designing a hospital, you have a responsibility to create the most positive experience possible for your visitors and patients. If your wayfinding system is disorganized and carelessly implemented, visitors will feel distraught and even more anxious when navigating your building. Therefore, it’s crucial that you provide careful forethought to the design and manufacturing of your signs. You’ll want to ensure they are clear, straightforward, and well thought out in order to provide greater peace of mind to everyone.

Complete Systems for Interior and Exterior Signs

We understand that your hospital or medical center has a wide variety of signage needs. You need to create a system that is integrated and consistent, providing visitors with a streamlined flow of information from one sign to the next. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete your large scale sign project, taking into consideration your needs for both your exterior and interior signs.

Your hospital exterior signs must serve both drivers and pedestrians. If someone is arriving by car, your signs need to provide clear direction on how they can navigate your facilities. Hospital parking signs, traffic signs, and directional signs will all serve this need. You also need to accommodate for visitors who are navigating the hospital grounds on foot. We’ll make sure you have entrance signs, emergency room signs, and directory signs so they can find the department they’re looking for.

Once visitors have entered your facilities, your interior signs need to continue providing them with clear information. They’ll need to know how to find their department, waiting rooms, or patient room numbers. We’ll work with you to design wayfinding signs that are clear, straightforward, and intuitive to the visitor experience so that people can find what they’re looking for. As a result, they’ll be less likely to ask for directions from doctors or nurses which will keep your medical team focused on providing care to patients.

Professional Hospital Signs Designed by Experts

In order to be the most useful to visitors, you need to follow specific design standards for your hospital and medical center signs. We will help you meet those standards to make sure that all your signs are clean and professional. Our signs will capture the attention of your visitors and be visible from far enough way.

You also need to provide visitors with just the right amount of information so they can get to where they need to be or to the next wayfinding sign. We’ll help you strike the perfect balance of information on your signs. If you provide too many directions on your signs, you run the risk of overwhelming visitors. If you have too little, your visitors will be lost and confused. In addition, we can advise on hospital symbols that your signs should have so that they’re universally accessible to visitors that might speak another language. Our team of hospital sign experts are well versed in all these elements, so we’ll provide you with expert consulting and guidance when you begin your hospital or medical center sign project with us.

Browse Our Gallery of Hospital Signs

You can trust Artcraft Sign to manufacture and install signs for your hospital or medical facilities. We’ve successfully completed large scale sign projects for Sky Ridge Medical Center and University of Colorado Hospital. For both of these projects, we created a complete wayfinding system with both exterior and interior signs. We manufactured professional signs that complemented their facilities nicely.

Browse our gallery of images from these projects. Then, get in contact with us today to start creating signs for your hospital, medical center, or healthcare facility.