Laser Cutting and Marking by Artcraft Sign Company

At Artcraft Sign Company we are known for our ability to create high tolerance tags, and nameplates on our laser cutting and marking machine for the equipment or machinery you manufacture. This example shows marking and cutting of stainless steel tags. We also laser mark various different materials such as plastics, wood and stone.  We ship these items throughout the world.

The materials we can work with include

Acrylic, wood, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, titanium, ikon metal, glass, marble, plastic, metal photo, limestone, slate, granite, marble, cardboard, hard/soft woods, foam, paper/cardstock, corian, leather, rubber, plastic, neoprene, and more!

All are engravable, and most can be laser cut.

Here is a video showing how this process works

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